Pressure Washer Parts Resources

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The following links are some that we have found helpful and ones that our technicians use and rely on

Pressure washer nozzle confusion: Why you shouldn’t rely on color to pick your next nozzle
Nozzle color only tells you the spray pattern. The way to ensure you are using the correct nozzle size is to know your washer’s PSI (pressure) and GPM (flow). Using the wrong nozzle can lower you washer’s pressure or alternatively, increase pump back pressure and harm your Pump.

Buying the right pressure washer can be daunting. We discuss some of the considerations
Discussion includes hot water pressure washers, electric heat, diesel heat, natural gas heat, propane heat, steam cleaner, cold water pressure washer, belt drive, direct drive, gear drive, electric power, gasoline power, diesel power, hydraulic power


Suggested pressure washer maintenance intervals in Arizona
Understand what needs to be maintained on your pressure washer and how often. This video addresses the Arizona environment and the need for more frequent service intervals